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Together we redefine
the Art of Beauty & Elegance

We invite you to join our exclusive family as an ambassador of our jewelry house.
If you share our love of elegance, exceptional quality and the art of creation, then this is the opportunity for you.

As an ambassador of our brand, you will have the privilege of representing excellence and refinement in the world of jewelry.

You'll be the embodiment of our artisan heritage and boundless creativity.

and our passion for jewelry that transcends time.

You'll also enjoy a host of exclusive benefits, such as preview access to our collections, VIP invitations to our prestigious events and much more.

Join us on this exquisite adventure, where every jewel tells a story and every gem shines with a unique light.

5% reduction


You like the concept and would like to share it with your friends and become part of our ambassador club?
When you purchase a piece of jewelry, you'll receive a personal discount code to pass on to your friends. It has a value of 5% and can be used on Akhal jewelry.

For every piece of jewelry sold with your code, you'll receive a discount stamp.

A 2nd way to earn tampons is to be an active player in our marketing: 

  • Sharing our posts with your comment gives you 10 points*.
  • A review on Facebook or Google gives 20 points*.
  • Story: share your experiences with your Gems 50 points*.

(don't forget to tag Akhal_jewelry)

  • 500 points = 1 stamp
  • 1 stamp, equivalent to CHF 50.00 

The value of the stamps can be accumulated and will be used exclusively on Gems, no refunds will be due.

Why Akhal Joaillerie?


The Akhal brand was born of our shared love of horses.
Akhal-Teke horses are renowned for their elegance, grace and rarity, qualities we strive to reproduce in every piece of jewelry we create.
Like these magnificent horses, our creations are unique and exceptional, reflecting purity and timeless beauty.

Akhal-Tekes are also synonymous with nobility and heritage, values that I consider fundamental to the art of jewelry.

In choosing "AKHAL", we also wanted to honor the special relationship between horses and humanity, a connection that goes back centuries.
Just as our jewels become treasures handed down from generation to generation, Akhal-Teke horses have long been loyal partners to man.

In short, "AKHAL" is much more than a name for our jewelry house, it's a tribute to the grace, rarity, heritage and passion that inspire every creation we fashion.

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