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This unique concept allows you to adapt your jewelry to suit your mood, your outfit or the event you're going to. Our jewels are handcrafted in Switzerland with natural stone.
A concept


One jewel, infinite gems

Our wish is to offer you a jewel with several stones. These stones, which can be adapted to your jewel, are called from gems!

We're passionate about stones, especially colored ones, which we consider to be priceless gifts of nature.

We want to give you the opportunity to wear the jewels of the earth to your heart's content. our interchangeable stone jewels!

The universe

Akhal Joaillerie


Akhal House


We have a collection of magnificent stones from our travels, carefully preserved to make unique jewelry for special occasions.

Our stones come from our leading gemology and jewelry brand:


Here you'll find our entire collection to help you choose the gems for your jewel.


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Change your stones to match your outfit or your mood, or to reflect the symbolism of the stones you've chosen for your gems, and above all, treat yourself to something special!

Added Value

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You buy one piece of jewelry, which transforms into several. You invest in the complete jewel once, and then all you have to do is buy gems in different colors for variety!


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Our products are made in Switzerland from quality materials, and our stones come from a family collection that has been in storage for many years. Our jewelry is sustainable and ethical.

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Join the sparkle of exclusivity by becoming an Akhal Joaillerie ambassador. As an ambassador, you'll have the opportunity to wear our iconic creations and present them to the world, while enjoying exclusive benefits reserved for our select circle. Akhal Joaillerie, a brand that embodies elegance, authenticity and exceptional craftsmanship.


Welcome to the enchanting world of Akhal Joaillerie, where elegance and exceptional craftsmanship come together in harmony.

Explore our creations at exclusive events and immerse yourself in our captivating universe. Join us for a memorable experience and let yourself be bewitched by the magic of jewelry.

Stay informed by following us and book now to discover the exceptional world of Akhal Joaillerie, where beauty and creativity come together to create precious and unique moments.

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