How to avoid losing the stone?

Jewelry is very often lost, no matter what its style, but there are 2-3 things you can do to avoid losing it, and this naturally applies to gems.

    • It's vital that you always close the door properly and hear the closing click. A video is available here to show you how it works.
    • The Gems can be opened by heavy rubbing, e.g. shoulder bags or backpacks that rub along the arm, over the hand, can not only rip off a bracelet, but also open the door. To avoid losing the Gems, or even the whole bracelet, check after such an event that everything is still there, and if necessary, close the door again. 
    • Like all materials, gold and platinum wear out, so have your jewel regularly serviced by us. What wears out: chain links, the claws that hold the stones, the Gems door
    • Friction, contact play and cleaning generally lead to the risk of loss and/or breakage of jewelry.
How to change the stone?
    • The stones are all set on a bezel (Gems) adapted to the support on the jewel, making it possible to offer a variety of stones in different sizes and shapes. The system consists of a U and a door to secure the Gems. It's important to hear the click to make sure the door is securely closed.
What materials are available?
    • We are currently working on yellow gold, rose gold, steel and platinum combined with white gold.
I'd love a more imposing piece of jewelry with your system, is that feasible?
    • Our system opens up infinite possibilities; our basic range is minimalist, but we can make a bespoke piece of jewelry by integrating our system. Contact us and we'll be happy to discuss your project.
How long does delivery take?
    • For the time being, we manufacture on demand and are able to respect a lead time of 3 to 4 weeks. Should this lead time change, we will inform you as soon as possible when you place your order.
Is there any such thing as jewelry insurance?
      • The first year of "valuables" insurance cover is included free of charge when you buy jewelry on
      • We select the insurer and the amount to be insured, which corresponds exclusively to the value of your purchase from us.